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Strategic OnDemand Transformation Consulting & PMO as a Service

Situation is the driving force behind the Digital Agenda in Spain, developing initiatives and projects for digitalization and technological development in the areas of the economy, public services, citizenship, infrastructure and the internationalization of companies. also acts as a connector between different entities, including ministries, public agencies, autonomous regions, local entities and international organizations, facilitating the identification of needs, the generation of synergies and the promotion of collaboration between public, private and digital actors.


Grupo Oesía has put at the service of its capacities for the definition, start-up, monitoring, management and verification of compliance with the requirements of the projects carried out in the field of Smart Cities and Territories.

Oesia has two Technical Offices (TO), one for Smart Cities (CCII) and the other for Smart Territories (TTII). In both cases, the Technical Office is made up of specialists in different technologies associated with SMART ecosystems who prepare bidding documents and, after the awarding of these documents, the TO monitors the projects and validates compliance with the requirements established in the documents. These offices have a direct relationship with local entities and contractors, such as municipalities and suppliers.


Grupo Oesía has developed the service using the management models, information systems and own tools. In addition to this, a specific project management platform developed by Grupo Oesía is used.

Within this framework, the following actions were carried out:

  • Support to project definition and planning.
  • Project management and follow-up support.
  • Support to the verification of requirements.
  • Specific technical studies.



Within the framework of the Smart Cities and Territories plans, has promoted a total of five calls for proposals aimed at local entities, which have enabled the development of 61 projects, mobilizing 200M€ towards Smart solutions.

The service provided by Grupo Oesía has contributed to the success of the plans, which have been considered good practice at international level.