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After-sales support for the provision of Wholesale and Wholesaler services of Orange Spain.


Orange is one of the leading mobile telecommunications operators in the Spanish and international market, serving millions of private and corporate customers.

The Wholesale Business in Orange Spain is key, as it is the largest player in this area, since it owns the largest FTTH network in the country and serves the rest of the main operators on the national scene, as well as a large number of small operators.


Grupo Oesía collaborates with Orange operating the Wholesale Operations Service, supporting both the Wholesale Business and the White Brands of the company.

This support is provided throughout the customer's life cycle, from supply, through installation and after-sales.


The team's scope of action covers the following areas:

  • Supply support:
    • FTTH Incidents
    • XDSL Incidents
  • Installation Support
    • Call Center for Installers
    • FTTH Incidents
    • XDSL Incidents
  • After Sales Support
    • Call Center for Installers
    • FTTH Incidents
    • XDSL Incidents
  • Specialized equipment and advanced support
    • Attention of massive incidences
      • FTTH
      • XDSL
      • Circuits
    • National and International Voice
    • Portability
    • SMS
    • Carrier International

We participate with the client's team in the definition, testing and implementation of new services, as well as in the support of new clients.

We propose improvements in the client's procedures and tools to improve service and obtain compliance with SLAs.


Grupo Oesía has demonstrated a high level of quality in the Service which has made us gain the confidence of the client during more than 5 years that we have the confidence of our clients which has allowed us to extend the levels of quality and confidence in our company.