Mobile World Congress 2023: what can we expect?

Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress returns to Barcelona for another year this 2023 to celebrate its seventeenth edition in Barcelona. It is surprising to make a comparative exercise between the technological innovations that were presented in this same city in the distant year 2006, with those that we will see in a few days. At that […]

Red Team vs Blue Team, much more than a game

Over the years, we have seen the proliferation of a multitude of devices interconnected not only to the corporate network, but also to the Internet. Sectors where it was unthinkable before, now proliferate tiny devices that make use of an Internet connection for remote monitoring and management. With the trend towards permanent connectivity and the […]

PEGASUS: the spy software that worries the highest echelons of society

In the last few days new news have been appearing related to the theft of information from high political and social personalities through the use of a new spyware known as Pegasus.     Originally, this software was created by the Israeli company NSO Group with the aim of facilitating governments in the investigation and […]

The transition to a new Telco sector

Impact of the merger of MásMóvil with Orange Helmets, music and blank document. I was looking forward to writing about this exciting moment in the telecommunications sector in Spain, beyond the consequences that can be glimpsed. I have a Telegram group with old and magnificent friends – the one who has been in this industry […]

Operator challenges

A major challenge for the telecommunications sector is that it not only has to adapt to changes in an agile manner, but also and in parallel, it must continue to invest in growth areas, such as 5G, and, in turn, maintain the attraction and retention of talent, an indispensable element to be able to continue […]