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MWC2023The Mobile World Congress returns once again to Barcelona in 2023 to celebrate its seventeenth edition in Barcelona. It is surprising to make a comparative exercise between the technological innovations that were presented in this same city in the distant year 2006, with those that we will see in a few days. At that time, advances in mobile technology were still at a fairly early stage and, although brands, companies and manufacturers were already displaying a whole range of interest for users with their new launches, the truth is that there was not such a wide variety in terms of equipment, networks, applications or technological systems.


What will be presented at Mobile World Congress 2023?

The world has come a long way in all this time and users have become more and more demanding, while showing massively more interest in the advances of mobile technology and all its possibilities. Therefore, it is to be expected that this new edition of the Mobile World Congress will be loaded with interesting news and launches that will surprise even the biggest connoisseurs, fans and consumers of the latest technological news.

But the most important thing is not the technology itself, but how technology is able to improve our lives, changing our behaviors and our day-to-day lives. During these years, the different advances that have been presented at this annual event have not only been disruptive for the end consumer but also for the entire ecosystem of companies that make up the different industries, which have used them as a catalyst for the transformation of their businesses.

This cross-cutting impact of mobility has an increasing weight on the content of services and use cases related to industries related to Logistics, Fintech, Healthcare, Automotive, Robotics, UAV, Frontier Materials, etc.The congress will have a much more verticalized content compared to its beginnings, when it was mainly focused on operators, manufacturers, terminals and devices.

For several years now, the Mobile World Congress has included the Four Years From Now (4YFN) innovation show, recognizing the fundamental role played by startups in realizing the potential of mobile technology. This section of the congress will grow significantly this year, connecting the entire Spanish startup ecosystem with international investors.

In addition to all this, it is expected that, as every year, the latest advances in the technologies used in mobile devices will be shown. The main exponents will be, of course, its reference brands and manufacturers. However, as mentioned above, it is expected that there will be presentations showcasing diverse topics and exploring new technologies in depth, such as 5G acceleration, augmented reality, open networks, the internet of things, digital everything, and new financial and cybersecurity technologies.

It is well known that the general public focuses its interest in learning about the new functions that will be added to the latest models of mobile devices, tablets and smartwatches. But it is also a showcase of interest for many companies that will be able to discover how these new technologies will help them to evolve their business.

Let’s review the main topics that will be discussed during the Mobile World Congress.


News on Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Augmented Reality / Metaverse

Although the main focus of the event is on the presentation of the latest models of mobile devices, the latest developments in AI, data analytics and ARThese are technologies that are close to us and arouse great interest, where mobility has been one of the cross-cutting agents that have facilitated their promotion.

Both Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality have seen their rise in recent years, so it is not surprising that the public and investors are attracted to them in order to learn about the possibilities they hold.

Artificial Intelligence is expected to develop new business models that companies can leverage to facilitate the interaction of their users. In the field of augmented reality, a much deeper understanding of how metaverses that promise new spaces of interaction and value for users are developing is expected.


Interest in Cloud connectivity

The interest of users, investors and the general public in information technologies will also play an important role in this Mobile World Congress. The large companies that develop and provide these services will have a space to highlight the advances that have been made in this field.

Technologies such as Cloud connectivity is one of the areas that have aroused most interest in companies in recent months. They will surely have their correlate in this edition of the Mobile. The adaptation of businesses to the cloud, whether in SaaS, PaaS or IaaS mode, will focus many of the conversations that will be held throughout these days, ensuring secure and reliable migrations to the cloud.


News on 5G connection acceleration and other services

Many of the nearly 500 European and international companies that will be present at the event are expected to mention the acceleration and utilization of 5G network connectivity. But, above all, the greatest interest will be captured by those companies that are responsible for developing equipment and systems to operate this network along with other technologies, such as equipment and connection test management and administration.

And while this is not a first-time approach, there are many stakeholders, both users and investors, interested in learning more about the capacity and connection speed that 5G networks will be providing by 2023. Access to the 5G network will develop the ability for companies to host and distribute new services effectively to their users.

Companies that are able to provide application, device, SIM and advanced functionality homologation services for these new services will therefore have a relevant role to play, as they will become enablers of future business success.


News on mobile equipment and devices

As we said before, we cannot forget the “more traditional” part, cell phones and their novelties are one of the attractions for Mobile World Congress attendees. It is mainly expected to showcase the most technologically advanced equipment, including major brands and manufacturers from Europe and around the world.

Among the technologies most eagerly awaited by users and the general public are cell phones with foldable screens, high-end devices and those with ultra-high-definition cameras, which are capable of capturing images with the best possible quality, even over long distances or in low light.

The 2023 trend for mobile devices remains similar to other years. Users are interested in equipment capable of effectively connecting to the Internet, which can support the widest range of applications.

Many brands will present their new models, updated versions of the previous ones, but with some changes in terms of the capacity of their processors and with improvements in the quality of the cameras and the durability of the batteries.

Mid-range and upper-mid-range equipment will play a particularly relevant role during the announcements made at the event. In particular, many mid-range models are expected to arrive with advanced features and high-performance processors at quite affordable prices, and will for the first time be within the reach of a large number of users.

As always, it is expected that many of the technologies already introduced in the Asian market will begin to have greater penetration in Western countries. Many of the brands that will be exhibiting at this year’s Mobile World Congress have shown their latest models to the Chinese, Japanese and South Korean markets, with an excellent reception from the public.

The market for this electronic equipment continues to grow every day, and competitiveness increases as technology advances. Mobile World Congress 2023 will serve as a space for manufacturers to showcase their latest releases related to tablets and smartwatches.

It is expected to show the improvements and new models that the major brands have for this type of devices. Specifically, how they have managed to make them evolve in terms of connectivity, time of use and adaptation to new applications and updates of the operating systems most widely used.

Juan Martinez, Managing Director Telco & High Tech in Grupo Oesía

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