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Technical Support OSS Applications


Orange Spain


Telecoms & High-tech

Capabilities used

Ensuring the availability and performance of more than 15 Operations Support Systems (OSS) of this major telecommunications operator.

Other companies or players involved

  • IBM/Kyndryl
  • HP
  • Atos


Orange is the second largest operator in the Spanish market and one of the world's leading telecommunications operators, with almost 278 million customers.

In Spain alone, through its brands (Orange, Jazztel and Simyo), it enjoys the trust of 20,505,000 customers, who enjoy fixed telephony, mobile and television services.

Its investment project in fixed (fiber to the home) and mobile (4G/5G) infrastructures requires guaranteeing the highest standards of performance and quality in the services offered, a responsibility it entrusts to its support teams.


Grupo Oesía collaborates with Orange in the support of mobile and fixed provisioning applications, logistics and inventory, as well as the company's ticketing systems.

The main tasks are the resolution of incidents of these applications, identifying the type of problem, applying its solution or escalating them to the support groups to which their resolution corresponds in case it is outside the competence of the service itself (Development, DB Support, Operating Systems Support,...) as well as detecting points of improvement and risk situations of the applications, proposing improvements and implementing them.

In collaboration with the client, being an extension of their functions, on which they rely, for the detection of possible risks and planning of future improvements, providing the experience and knowledge of the supported applications and environments.


Performing reactive and preventive actions for the correct maintenance of the applications.

Implementation and construction of monitoring and alarming elements that generate requests or incidents in BMC ITSM in case of any event that may jeopardize the correct operation of the supported applications and services.

Carrying out continuous improvement processes of these scripts each time a risk not contemplated so far is detected.

In the case of preventive actions, possible points for improvement are detected based on the data observed in monitoring and alarms, such as infrastructure expansion needs or updates of commercial versions.

All this accompanied by the attention to users through the petition system implemented to facilitate the request of the same and a more efficient resolution.

Coordination and execution of Disaster Recovery System testing for the service's CORE applications.

Analysis, design and implementation of technological renewal of applications in view of the risk of obsolescence.

Analysis of security vulnerabilities and implementation of solutions to correct them.


Grupo Oesía has a great experience and knowledge of the works carried out for this service, executed for more than 5 years being perceived by the client the contribution of value to guarantee the stability of its service.