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Homologation of SIM cards


Telefónica Spain


Telecoms & High-tech

Capabilities used

Testing and certification to verify compliance with the technical and functional requirements of different elements within the operator's standards.


Telefónica is one of the leading mobile telecommunications operators in the Spanish and international market, serving millions of private and corporate customers.

Competition in the telecommunications sector demands the highest standards of performance and quality in the services offered, as well as continuous innovation and adaptation to a constantly evolving market.


Grupo Oesía collaborates with Telefónica providing the certification of the SIM profiles of the different suppliers for their use in Telefónica.

It also collaborates on special SIM card projects such as eSIM and iSIM as part of the operator's future solutions.


Technical acceptance services for SIM profiles, which ensure their correct operation before they are marketed to customers.

Tests performed included:

  • Electrical Profile
    • File structure
    • SIM TOOLKIT applications
  • OTA management
    • RFM
    • RAM
  • Device - card compatibility
    • Basic Functionalities
    • Memory
    • Mobile Connect
  • Network authentication
    • Encrypted key management
    • Roaming

Likewise, the definition of specifications and joint requirements with the Operator, the identification and development of validation tests, the joint management of priorities, the support to already approved services and the support to remote management platforms are also carried out.


Grupo Oesía has a proven experience in the world of SIM cards validation in Platforms, BAP's and USAT applet with Telefónica. This project has been in place for 20 years, providing us with an expert knowledge of the particularities of the different manufacturers, which proves the operator's satisfaction with the services received, by contributing to the quality and reliability of the successive deployments and launches undertaken during this time.