The importance of performing security audits on mobile applications

The advancement of mobile technologies, coupled with the lack of security knowledge and awareness among users, has led to an increasing number of attacks focused on exploiting vulnerabilities in mobile applications. This is why the security of these applications has taken on fundamental importance to protect user data. Conducting security audits has become an essential […]

Technical Tests

Software Quality Technical Tests Quality of the Software Technical Tests Code audit We evaluate, parameterize and execute static code analysis. Service integration testing We analyze, design and execute component, web services, database integrity and scalability tests. Performance Testing We analyze, design and execute load, stress, stability, scalability and reliability tests Safety Testing We perform static […]

Functional Tests

Software Quality Functional Tests Quality of the Software Functional Tests Manual functional tests We analyze, design and execute progression tests for the progression, regression, end-to-end and exploratory. Automated functional testing We design, implement and deploy frameworks of design automation and unattended test execution of tests on web and desktop applications. Quality Consulting More info Technical […]

Quality Consulting

Software Quality Quality Consulting Quality of the Software Quality Consulting Quality Assurance Processes Quality Regulations: we define and implement policies, standards, and manuals for operations processes. Lifecycle: we model, implement and evolve agile, hybrid or waterfall models. Quality Audit: we evaluate the quality of existing deliveries and propose improvements and recommendations. Quality Assurance, Quality Control […]

Software Quality

areas Software Quality Quality of the Software Our Software Quality team provides your application development and deployment areas, establishing a model of continuous improvement in methodologies, processes, development and testing tools, with the objective to improve the quality and efficiency of your information systems. Our objectives Product quality We ensure the qualitative and quantitative improvement […]