Application Development and Homologation

We guarantee the correct operation of your applications,

employing a hybrid system of advanced manual and automated tests

We provide the service for both in-house and third-party developments, ensuring that the applications, of any type and under any environment, meet the desired technical and usage requirements.

We offer the possibility of validating the application on virtualized terminals or on physical devices that allow to know the end-user experience with the application.

Our methodology

Functional tests

Ensure that the functions of the application meet the requirements.

Usability testing

Check that the structure of the information is accessible and logical for the user.

Software and hardware compatibility testing

Ensure that your application works on any device.

Performance testing

Load and stress applications.

Power and consumption tests

Discover battery discharge problems in mobile environments.

Accessibility testing

Ensure use by all types of user profiles.

Database testing

Check the correct integrity of the data.

Safety tests

Identify vulnerabilities in the application that may pose a risk to privacy or information leakage.

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