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We accompany you with our new 360º Management Office in the correct Definition, Management, Monitoring, Control, Justification and/or Certification of Funds, Grants and Subsidies, regardless of their source of financing.

We are specialists in the management of projects with high volumes of subsidies such as the PIVE Plan, the Digital Dividends and the Broadband program, managing in a single year more than half a million subsidy files with a high degree of efficiency.

Applicable to all these funds


Next Generation EU Funds


Mechanisms for Recovery and Resiliency


European Regional Development Funds


European Maritime and Fisheries Funds


European Funds for Adaptation to Globalization


European Agricultural Funds for Rural Development


European Social Fund


General State Budget – Spain


European International Cooperation Program



From the Interpública Ayudas Platform, we approach the Management of Grants and Funds from three axes that converge in a comprehensive service.

Are you ready for the arrival of Next Generation EU Funds?

Given the imminent receipt of Next Generation funds and the large volume of additional work involved for each organization, we want to facilitate your daily work in order to carry out the proper management of each of the grants, preserving the traceability of information, the veracity and validity of the data, the audit trail and the evaluation of results and impact of the Programs.

Anyone can benefit from a Fund.
But do you know how to manage it so you don't have to return it?

What is our objective?

The same as yours: Achieve 100% of the subsidies we are entitled to!

Our main objective is the specialization of the call management processes, working on a homogeneous procedure and establishing an agile work methodology. All this, together with our modules of Economic Management of Grants oriented to the new Next Generation Funds, Community and National Funds that allow avoiding human error and duplication of information, as well as preserving the Traceability of Information and the Audit Trail.

Discover our specialized modules

01 -

Grant Management

Economic aid management module mainly aimed at the management of the RRM (Recovery and Resilience Mechanism) and oriented to Management Bodies and beneficiaries of funds and aid.

02 -

Intelligent Electronic File Handler

The ideal partner for the electronic processing of large volumes of files with leading edge technologies (RPA, Blockchain…) that ensure an intuitive, agile, automated, traceable and transparent process.

03 -

Management of Structural and Investment Funds

Module of management and certification of European funds (ERDF and ESF) for Intermediate Bodies.

04 -

Call for Proposals Management

Module for the management of the complete cycle of calls for proposals for grants

05 -

Management of European Funds for Rural Development LEADER

Module of management and certification of agricultural aids of the Leader Program.

06 -

Management of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund

FEMP Fund management module aimed at certifying intermediate bodies.

07 -

Management of Territorial Cooperation Projects

Management and certification module for projects belonging to the different types of cooperation: Cross-border, Transnational and Interregional.

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