Solutions for Camera Integrators

We offer camera integrators the most diverse solutions to suit their platforms.

Thermal Camera LEDA-C420

Earth Sea

MWIR thermal camera encapsulated in a protective housing, resistant in all environments and available in land or maritime version with windshield wiper.

Daytime running camera LEDA-T500FHR

Earth Sea

Long-range dual-mode visible / NIR thermal camera with continuous zoom optics.

LEDA-S275HR Remote Weapon Sighting System


LEDA-S275HR multisensor with cooled MWIR thermal camera, Full HD daytime camera with color or NIR mode, high frequency laser rangefinder and optional laser pointer.

With over 25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing some of the most advanced optronic systems for the defense market, Tecnobit now offers powerful remote weapon sights.

The LEDA-S275HR is a full sensor module that provides state-of-the-art, low latency digital video of day or night targets with the ability to measure the range of fast moving targets.

Other optronics solutions

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