Processes and Hyper-automation



We have infrastructure and a robot farm in our facilities that facilitates the design of robotic executions without facing infrastructure costs, providing us with speed when scaling robots.

With our own factory we obtain:

  • Agility in the analysis, development and implementation of new bots and new automated processes.
  • Security in code quality and audits, allowing code evaluation and reusability of code
  • Ease of maintenance and evolution, thanks to corrective maintenance development (incorporation of new alternative paths) and evolutionary developments (changes in the applications handled by the bot).

Robot governance and management

Our Robot Governance and Management services enable you to scale and advance your digital transformation.

We define a bot management model according to the organization. In this way we ensure that the model establishes an ideal relationship between the different areas.

We then defined the Center of Excellence (CoE) for bots, in order to establish and implement the rules and policies that will be carried out in the organization to manage the demand for bots.

We ensure the permanent adaptation of the CoE to the changes and evolutions that occur in the organization.

Smart Bots

Our Smart Bots services use the union of different tools and technologies that allow us to provide high impact solutions, among which the following stand out:

  • Biometric voice recognition
  • Biometric facial recognition
  • Smart Integrations (RPA and Assistants)
  • OCR + RPA recognition integrations
  • Artificial intelligence

Consulting and diagnostics

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