Supply Chain and Warehouse

Conveyor and control systems

Coordinates and orchestrates the operation of all operational modules of the WMS (Warehouse Management System) and interfaces with the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

All our solutions are interconnected to integrate into the system.

These are some of the features grouped in the control system:

  • Warehouse manager: stock control and management of storage and outgoing goods from silos.
  • Delivery manager: control of the distribution of goods among the different areas.
  • Transport manager: movement of containers between different facilities.
  • Special order manager: To deal with orders with special characteristics that do not fall under the operation of a normal delivery, such as a stock transfer between facilities.
  • Dispatch manager: allows to apply configurations directly on the dispatch module and coordinates the request and creation of pallets between dispatch and silo.
  • Coordinator: This is the top layer of the WMS, managing the requests and relationships between the various managers and communications with the ERP.

Other Supply Chain and Warehousing Solutions

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