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We manage great volumes of data through our Competence Center

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Oesia Group is a company that has always worked at a high technological level and it has managed to be at the forefront of computer systems and developments as well as information and communication technologies. Due to our need to respond to our requests as we have been progressing in this field, we started to develop our Big Data area, and now we have accumulated very important knowledge.

The management of a great amount of information can be a problem for some companies when it comes to pay for a more powerful server, able to process all the required information for the proper functioning of their business. In order to solve this kind of problems, Big Data came up.

It is a technique of operating systems architecture that respond to the need of improving the processing operations, at high speeds and for wide volumes of information. Instead of get bigger the existing server in the company, a greater number of smaller servers is installed, operating at the same time and gathering power. In this way, it is created a cluster by the ensemble of interconnected machines, that it is able to reduce clearly the costs.

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We have the best professionals, experts in the analysis field.

The techniques of Big Data are applied to a great number of business areas. One of the most wanted results is to get personalized campaigns, in line with a specific client profile. Thanks to this, the impact will be bigger as well as the reliability.

This new horizon led our company to reconsider the way of working. Oesia Group carried out a data analysis and realized that the market needed a realistic and expert view on the Big Data area. At that point, it was set up our Big Data Competence Center, where we train experts in technology, we give presale support and a point of integrated concept tests. In addition, we offer cross support to all the company.

From our Big Data Competence Center, we talk to the client and we establish his real needs in this field, in order to define the benefits that he can get from the use of this technology. We help the enterprises to view the potential benefits that can be obtained thanks to the use of Big Data, explaining how it fits and how it can be integrated to the system in its business area. For this purpose, we have professional experts in the analysis areas.

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We develop lines of impact analysis in social networks, complete analytical studies of assets and we generate projects for the improvement of the operational procedures. Likewise, we give support to infrastructure areas in quality projects.