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We are the Spanish enterprise with the greater number of certifications OpenStack RedHat

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Oesia Group realizes the significance of the technological innovation in the business area, an always developing world. That is why we try to give to our clients the most competitive and efficient services in the Internet field.

At present, a lot of companies face important problems when it comes to structure their functional architecture. They need a high component of information technologies (IT), using platforms with little flexible use. The Cloud model offers the so needed flexibility to the companies, so that they can set up their IT structure.

In this field, Oesia Group works in three essential fields:
Systems, Development and Networks.

Thanks to our experience in these three fields, we have designed three laboratories for each one of the three working fields in our Competence Center, Cloud.

In our laboratories of the Competence Center, Cloud, based on the OpenStack standard, we make available for the client all the tools and applications Cloud so that he can use them and value their effectiveness. Besides, we advise the user according to its needs for the integration of the Cloud model to its company.

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In our Competence Center Cloud, we develop effective solutions for the integration of the services and tools of the cloud in the enterprise field.

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The offer of services in the cloud of Oesia Group covers all the chain value involved in a Cloud solution. We work in all the fields of this area, from the Iass (Infrastructure as a Service) to the SaaS (Software as a Service), developing specific applications for each activity sector, through a PaaS platform that we offer to our clients and use internally. This way, we can provide technological solutions to meet all the range of demand.

Oesia Group treasures a great experience in technological innovation. Following this line, we work to help and advise our clients in the integration of their platform within the Cloud model, adding an important value to our offer of services and solutions in this sector.

Likewise, we are constantly cooperating with our Big Data Competence Center, preparing a common project for the integration in the Cloud Competence Center, in our SAP center to install it in a cloud model, with our cybersecurity center preparing our cloud platforms with secure applications and standards…all these projects add an important value to our offer of services and solutions in the sector.