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parallax layer
Tecnobit is the engineering company of Oesía Group. Its constant innovative effort has made it a clear international reference in Communications, Security and Defence.

Tecnobit supplies the main countries of the world the most advanced developments in Avionics, Optronics, Tactics and Secure Communications, Simulation and inhibitors.

Tecnobit solvency has enabled it to provide components to 1 out of 3 new transport aircraft built in the world, participate in the Eurofighter program, build the largest simulation center in Latin America or develop the world’s safest mobile phone (with accreditation of international institutions like NATO).

Rivas corporate headquarters (Madrid) and the emblematic plant in Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real) are the international operations centers of Tecnobit.

Tecnobit designs and develops engineering applied to security and defense, and civil society, with the objective of providing services and equipment to the forefront of modernity and technology.


We make components to 1 out of 3 new transport aircraft around the world

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20 Years of Leadership in the Design and Development of Optronics Products.

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Tactical Communications

Our processor Linpro is the key to managing security operations in several countries.

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Secure Communications

We have made the most secure mobile in the World

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We have developed the biggest Simulation Center in Latin America and one of the most important in the world

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Our technology is present in the CORE of the most advanced satellites, such as Hispasat G-1

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