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40 years of history to be considered

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During four decades the different companies that make up the Oesia Group have been expanding, evolving and facing all the difficult challenges that have come before us all over these years, until we made true this future project that starts now with new targets, new objectives and great perspectives for the future.

Some of the turning points that made us what we are at present can be summed up in this diagram.

– Evolution of Oesia Group
– In 1976 Tecnobit is created in Madrid, named DOI INGENIEROS (Direction of industrial works)
– In 1981 the activities are moved to Valdepeñas and the name is changed to Tecnobit
– In 1983 Tecnobit gets its first contract with the Ministry of Defense in order to develop an encrypted communications system; since then it is considered a national strategic enterprise.
– In 1985 the construction of the Valdepeñas plant starts, and until today it has been expanding its buildings.
– In 1992 begins the international expansion of Tecnobit thanks to its participation in the EUROFIGHTER consortium.
– In 1995 two companies are created, that afterwards will join the Oesia Group.- Sinergia Tecnológica is created in Murcia for computing development and consultancy.

iA Soft is created in Aragon; it focuses its activity on the production and maintenance of software systems.

– In March, 2000, Grupo Tecnobit (Tecnobit Group) is created, thanks to the incorporation of the companies Tecnobit, S.A., Elco Sistemas, S.A. (Systems Elco) and Sistemas de Documentación, S.L. (SIDOCOR) (Documentation Systems, Ltd.), all these created between 1985 and 1991.
IT Deusto is founded by a group of professors of the Deusto University (Bilbao), as a specialized enterprise in technological solutions.- In September, 2000, iA Soft incorporates the enterprise Informática Municipal S.L. (IMUSA).
– In March, 2001, the company Tecnobit Soporte Integral, S.A. (Tecnobit SI) (Tecnobit Global Support) was created, participating Tecnobit, Ltd. to the 90%.- Opening in Barcelona of the first subsidiary of IT Deusto.
– In 2002 with the awarding of the F-18 Pod contract for the Air Force, the development in the optronics starts.
– The enterprises of Tecnobit Group merge to a legal entity – Tecnobit
– A subsidiary office of IT Deusto opens in Colombia
-In 2005 the awarding of the two great contracts with Airbus for the European military airliner A 400M is obtained.- In 2005 the present corporate offices are opened in Diputacion St. unifying the 3 companies purchased in the area and establishing in Catalunya.
– In 2006 Tecnobit starts the activities for the production of important programs such as the Displays of the EF-18, the Racks of Lockheed Martin, or the Submarine S-80.- In March, 2006, BPO (cyber informática) is bought and incorporated to Sinergia Tecnológica (Technological Synergy) in Murcia.
Grupo Oesía buys the 100% of Tecnobit capital- iA Soft Aragón joins Oesía Networks.

Oesía Networks opens the Software Factory of Tarragona focused on the financial sector from Catalunya.

– Change of the name to Oesía

Oesía Networks opens an office in the El Prat Airport, in Barcelona, for the Aena Project.
The success of Oesia begins in Colombia. Projects with Telefonica.
– The Perú headquarters opens.
– The subsidiary of Medellín opens.- Rustcon a brazilian Enterprise joins the Group.
The Oesia Group starts a new period, with new shareholders, new Board of Directors and new Organization, focused on growing. As a symbol of this new era, presents a new corporate identity.