The present of flexible remuneration in companies

retribucion flexible en las empresa

In a globalized environment such as the current one, the search for initiatives aimed at making better use of resources and investments becomes a constant within the operations of companies. This pressure has increased even more as a result of the inflation spiral that we are affecting and that seems to last longer than some […]

Steps towards the digital transformation of companies

transformación digital en empresas

Based on my experience as head of Digital Transformation at Grupo Oesía, where innovation and digitization itself are part of our DNA, I share some reflections on how we help our clients to equip themselves with the necessary digital capabilities to evolve their business.   The motivation The first thing we should ask ourselves is […]

Cybersecurity and New Developments at the First National Security Scheme Meeting

Ciberseguridad y Novedades en el I Encuentro del Esquema Nacional de Seguridad

Almost 10 years of the National Security Scheme and we ask ourselves, what is the state of Spanish public administrations in terms of security? On June 18, 2019, was held in the Auditorium of the Fábrica Nacional de la Moneda y Timbre the “I National Security Scheme Meeting“organized by the National Cryptologic Center (CCN), the […]

Decalogue for building an effective risk matrix for your company

matriz de riesgo

Every organization is exposed to multiple risks on a daily basis. Knowing how to identify and manage threats is a differentiating value and a guarantee of sustainability for any company. In the following article, you will find best practices for designing and implementing an appropriate risk matrix. According to the ISO 31000 standard of the […]

Digital Twin, a golden ally for the digital transformation of industries

Introduction The Digital Twin is considered one of the technology trends with the greatest growth potential. To get an idea, according to Markets and Markets Research its global market was calculated at 3.1 trillion (billions) in 2020 and some of the estimates from various consulting firms predict that the use of Digital Twins will exceed […]

Combat cloud or tactical cloud, the future of defense is already here

Nothing new under the sun Since ancient times, the quality, quantity, speed and timeliness of information have been key to the development of military conflicts. One of the bases of the success of the Roman legions was the information available to the troops on the battlefield. Each centurion was as knowledgeable about the battle plan […]

5G network security

With the imminent entry into service of the 5G mobile communications standard, concern about the security of this new standard is growing every day, which is a good sign because it demonstrates the degree of awareness that society is adopting with respect to security. A few years ago, when faced with a new product, the […]

The importance of performing security audits on mobile applications

The advancement of mobile technologies, coupled with the lack of security knowledge and awareness among users, has led to an increasing number of attacks focused on exploiting vulnerabilities in mobile applications. This is why the security of these applications has taken on fundamental importance to protect user data. Conducting security audits has become an essential […]

Red Team vs Blue Team, much more than a game

Over the years, we have seen the proliferation of a multitude of devices interconnected not only to the corporate network, but also to the Internet. Sectors where it was unthinkable before, now proliferate tiny devices that make use of an Internet connection for remote monitoring and management. With the trend towards permanent connectivity and the […]

Introduction to Cyber Threat Intelligence

The digital transformation that is being experienced in companies around the world, se translates into a large number of advantages for them in relation to increased productivity, andThe company’s business is also a generalized and constant threat to the environment. in the area of information security and corporate assets. In general, organizations maintain reactive and […]

Benefits of investing in cybersecurity for businesses

ciberseguridad empresas

It is difficult to imagine today’s business life without the use of electronic devices and their connection to the Internet. The use of Information and Communication Technologies has become a crucial issue for most business organizational systems. For companies, the use of this technology is essential: e-mail communication within the company, automation in the cloud, […]

Biometric data or passwords: Which of the 2 better protects the privacy of my information?

What is biometric data? According to the new Regulation (EU) 2016/679 , they are “personal data obtained from specific technical processing, relating to the physical, physiological or behavioral characteristics of a natural person which allow or confirm the unique identification of that person“. In general, they can be divided into two types: Anatomical data. Traditionally […]

Winter Sales Bank Fraud Alert: don’t forget about SKIMMING

Usually We ask ourselves how best to protect our assets and, after analyzing the situation, we install alarm systems, take precautions when withdrawing cash from ATMs and read the fine print in the contracts we sign. But we may not be aware of the risks involving economic activitiesespecially those we carry out electronically, and electronic […]

Publication of the new ENS Do you know its implications?

As is well known, information security could not depend solely on the goodwill (and competence) of system administrators in implementing security measures, which were often not documented and their effectiveness was not measured on a regular basis. In order to avoid this dependence, in 2010, the National Security Scheme (Esquema Nacional de SeguridadThe ENS (RD […]