IRST: The revolution in infrared search and tracking systems



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Infrared search and tracking technology, known as IRST (Infra Red Search & Track), has undergone significant advancement in recent years, providing a crucial tactical advantage in defense and security situations. This article will deal with the characteristics and benefits of IRST systems, their applications in different contexts and the solutions offered by Grupo Oesía.


The advantage of seeing without being seen: How does it work?

IRST systems are detection and tracking devices based on passive infrared sensors, which means that they can detect and track targets without emitting any signal, such as radar or communications. This “see without being seen” capability offers a significant tactical advantage in complex operational environments, as it enables airborne and maritime platforms to detect and track high-speed targets, such as missiles, or small targets, such as drones, without revealing their position.

IRST systems work by detecting infrared radiation emitted or reflected by objects. Infrared radiation is a form of electromagnetic energy that is in a longer wavelength spectrum than visible light. Infrared sensors are able to detect temperature differences between objects and their environment, allowing them to identify and track targets based on their thermal signature.


Aeronautical and naval applications

IRST Aeronautics

IRST systems for aerial platforms are a passive infrared tracking solution that provides early warning and automatic multi-target tracking capability in aerial environments. These systems are integrated into combat aircraft, allowing pilots to detect and track targets over long distances without being detected by enemy or warning systems.

In addition, aeronautical IRST systems are used in aerial reconnaissance and surveillance missions. The ability to detect targets without emitting signals facilitates obtaining real-time, high-quality information about the operational environment without alerting potential adversaries.

IRST Naval

Similarly, IRST systems for naval platforms offer passive infrared tracking capabilities for ships and submarines. These systems enable naval units to identify and track targets at sea and in the air, providing a tactical advantage in reconnaissance, surveillance and defense missions.

In the naval field, IRST systems can also be used in the detection and tracking of submerged objects, such as submarines and unmanned underwater vehicles. The ability to operate without emitting signals is also essential in the underwater environment, where discretion is key to mission success and unit survival.


IRST in terrestrial and security applications

IRST systems can also be applied in terrestrial environments and security missions. On the ground, IRST systems can be used in military vehicles and fixed or mobile surveillance systems to detect and track targets on the ground and in the air. These systems provide ground forces with a valuable tool for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, as well as real-time target identification and tracking.

In terms of security applications, IRST systems can be used in the protection of critical infrastructure such as power plants, government facilities and airports. The ability to detect and track objects without emitting signals facilitates unobtrusive surveillance and rapid response to potential threats.


IRST solutions of Grupo Oesía

Grupo Oesía is proud to offer advanced IRST solutions for its customers in aeronautical, naval, terrestrial and security applications. These solutions provide users with highly effective, autonomous surveillance systems in complex operating environments.

The confidence of numerous customers, such as navies, air forces, armies, leading defense companies and security organizations, proves the effectiveness and quality of the IRST solutions of Grupo Oesía. The company constantly strives to adapt its systems to the electronics and security requirements of each project, guaranteeing a customized and highly efficient approach.


Innovations and future developments at IRST

As technology evolves, the capabilities and applications of these systems are expected to continue to improve and expand. Research and development in the field of infrared sensors, as well as in related areas such as artificial intelligence and image processing, have the potential to significantly increase the effectiveness and range of IRST systems.


Complete cycle of products in Grupo Oesía

Covering the complete cycle of its products allows Grupo Oesia to adapt its IRST systems to the specific requirements of each customer. From design and development to production, integration and support, Grupo Oesía is committed to provide state-of-the-art solutions in infrared search and tracking systems.

The integral approach of Grupo Oesia in the development of solutions guarantees that each project benefits from a product designed, manufactured and implemented according to the exact needs and specifications of the customer. This attention to detail and commitment to excellence is critical to the success of IRST solutions in increasingly complex and challenging operating and security environments.


The importance in modern defense and security

The importance of these systems in modern defense and security cannot be underestimated. As threats and challenges in the global arena continue to evolve, the ability to detect and track targets unobtrusively and effectively becomes increasingly critical. IRST systems offer a unique tactical advantage in this regard, enabling armed forces and security organizations to confront and neutralize threats before they can cause significant damage.

Furthermore, the application of IRST in a wide variety of contexts, from aeronautics and naval to ground and security applications, demonstrates the versatility and potential of this technology. As IRST systems continue to evolve and improve, their importance in defense and security is likely to continue to grow.

Grupo Oesía is positioned as a leader in the development and implementation of state-of-the-art IRST solutions, offering its customers highly effective and customized monitoring and tracking systems. Through continuous innovation and commitment to excellence, Grupo Oesia seeks to ensure that its IRST solutions remain an essential tool in the defense and security of the future.

In short, IRST systems represent a revolution in infrared search and tracking technology, providing a crucial tactical advantage in an increasingly interconnected and challenging world. As technology continues to advance and IRST applications expand, it is critical to keep abreast of the latest innovations and developments in the field. Grupo Oesía is dedicated to offer advanced IRST solutions to face emerging challenges and meet the changing needs of its customers in the field of defense and security.

Silvia García Cid, Head of IRST Area

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