Grupo Oesía and Thales Group ratify their collaboration agreement in Eurosatory 2024

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  • The alliance deepens the synergies between the two companies in technology development for the defense, security, aerospace, naval, digital transformation and cybersecurity sectors.
  • The collaboration contemplates the development and commercialization of dual technologies using complementary products from both companies to compete internationally.
  • The signing took place at Eurosatory, where Grupo Oesía is presenting disruptive technologies through its ecosystem of hyper-specialized and innovative brands.


Paris, June 18, 2024. – Grupo Oesía, a multinational company dedicated to dual-use digital and industrial engineering, and Thales, the world leader in disruptive technologies, specialized in the markets of Defense & Security, Aeronautics & Space, and Cybersecurity & Digital Identity, have ratified in Eurosatory their collaboration and cooperation agreement at international level that will allow both companies to reinforce their leading position and compete in the Defense and Security industry worldwide.

The ratification of the agreement was held this Tuesday, June 18, within the framework of Eurosatory, the most important land defense and security fair in Europe, which takes place in Paris from June 17 to 21, and was attended by Luis Furnells, executive president of the Oesía Group, and Pascale Sourisse, executive vice president and international business director of the Thales Group.

The agreement covers part of the portfolio of products and services of the Oesía Group and Thales, and aims to enhance the solutions offered in the international market to customers of both companies in the sectors and technologies of defense, security, aeronautics, space, naval, digital transformation and cybersecurity. It will serve to promote, through the transfer of disruptive technologies, national sovereignty in the service of European strategic autonomy.

Some of the collaborations already being considered include coordination in the development and commercialization of avionics systems, space, quantum technologies, secure communications, mission systems, simulation, air defense missile systems, optronics, SATCOM and electronic warfare. The agreement also opens the way for cooperation between the two companies in the joint development of defense equipment and systems, the maintenance of military systems, as well as collaboration on digital transformation and cybersecurity initiatives.

This agreement with a reference company such as Thales Group is closely aligned with our business strategy, based on hyper-specialization, commitment to disruptive technologies, technological alliances with major industry leaders and internationalization” said Luis Furnells, executive president of Grupo Oesía. “Our international alliances, such as the one we are consolidating, are based on loyal collaboration, transparency, complementarity and strengthening the competitiveness of Spanish industry in the service of European strategic autonomy.”

For her part, Pascale Sourisse, the Thales Group’s vice president and director of international development, said: “With the ratification of this agreement, we unite our capabilities to deliver highly technological products and services in a timely manner to all our customers, while boosting the European defense industrial base and, the corresponding European strategic sovereignty, key in today’s complex environment.”


Oesia Group in Eurosatory

Through its ecosystem of hyper-specialized brands, Tecnobit, Cipherbit, UAV Navigation and Inster, the Spanish multinational participates in Eurosatory within the Spanish Pavilion.Grupo Oesía has a space with a large exhibition area where it exhibits some of its most emblematic products such as simulation, tactical communications, secure communications, satellite communications, image intelligence, and navigation and control guidance systems.. Products and solutions that create technology for future weapon systems and military equipment that enable the Armed Forces to achieve superiority in combat, especially in the framework of Multidomain Operations.

In the simulation area, the Field Artillery simulator (SIMACA) and the JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) simulator with a Pilot Station and emulated military equipment for the execution of CAS (Close Air Support) actions can be seen first hand. These simulators have positioned Tecnobit-Oesia Group as an international reference in this field. The same applies to MIC and LINPRO equipment, multi-network tactical link processors (DLP) that guarantee tactical communication between platforms, in any scenario and in any mission, under demanding NATO and non-NATO standards of national sovereignty.

In the field of secure communications, the Group exhibits, through its brand Cipherbit-Oesia Group, its most outstanding solutions such as the multi-domain key manager ERMES that can operate in different operational scenarios (naval, land and air) and NATO, EU and National environments, both tactical and strategic. Also of note is the Cerberus Encryptor, a multi-protocol (voice/data and IP) cryptographic device for tactical applications on all types of platforms.

In the area of satellite communicationsThe SGoSat GEO/LEO mock-up, an electronically steerable, small and exceptionally lightweight satellite antenna developed by Inster-Oesia Group under the CORSARIO project of the CDTI, as well as the SGoSat UPRo terminal for mobile communications on all types of platforms and the Sailsat terminal for communications in naval environments.

In addition, UAV Navigation-Oesia Groupthe expert division in guidance, navigation and control systems for unmanned aerial vehicles of Grupo Oesía, exhibits its capacity in environments with denied GNSS signal, which allows UAVs to complete missions despite being subjected to jamming or spoofing attacks. In addition, it showcases other products and capabilities such as its VECTOR family of autopilots and AHRS navigation systems, POLAR and the innovative VNS01 Visual Navigation System.


Family of SATCOM On The Move (SOTM) terminals for vehicular installation and stable mobile connection

SGoSat is a family of high-tech SOTM (Satellite Comms On The Move) terminals that are installed in a vehicle, providing the ability to target and maintain a stable connection to the satellite when the vehicle is in motion in any type of conditions.

The SGoSat family is composed of versatile terminals, which can be installed on any type of platform: trains and buses, military and/or government vehicles, aircraft, ships, etc. Originally designed for the military sector, SGoSat terminals are extremely reliable and robust, integrating high-performance components that comply with the most stringent environmental and EMI/EMC regulations. The product uses low-profile, high-efficiency antennas and a high-performance positioning and tracking unit, allowing the terminal to be operated anywhere in the world.

In order to meet the diverse needs of its customers, INSTER has developed single band and dual band terminals in X, Ka and Ku frequencies.

The SGoSat family of terminals can also be configured with a wide range of radomes (including ballistic options) to suit customer requirements.