Grupo Oesía inaugurates a center specialized in aerospace technology in the Free Trade Zone of Vigo


  • The Group’s new headquarters are backed by the Xunta de Galicia and represent a further step in Vigo’s firm commitment to innovation.
  • 40 professionals with a high technological profile will be part of the Oesia Group’s headquarters for the development of Euromale, the future European drone, among other projects.


Vigo, December 13, 2023. This morning, Grupo Oesía has inaugurated a new headquarters in the Zona Franca of Vigo. This site is destined to become a center of high specialization in the development of new technologies and advanced capabilities in the fields of aeronautics and space.

The opening ceremony was attended by Alfonso Rueda, President of the Xunta de Galicia, Juan González, Mayor of Nigrán, María Jesús Lorenzana, Regional Minister of Economy, Industry and Innovation, Marta Fernández-Tapias, First Vice-President of the Pontevedra Provincial Council, Ana Mejía, member of the Vigo Free Trade Zone Consortium, Ana Ortiz, territorial delegate of the Xunta de Galicia in Vigo, Patricia Argerey, director of the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN), José Luis Miguel, vice-rector of planning and sustainability of the University of Vigo, Estela Pérez, councilor of education, employment and accessibility of the city council of Nigrán, María José Pino, spokesperson of the PP in the city council of Nigrán, Inés González, general director of the Free Trade Zone of Vigo and Luis Furnells, executive president of Grupo Oesía.

The new headquarters of the group in the Free Trade Zone of Vigo is another step forward in the firm commitment of Grupo Oesía to the Autonomous Community of Galicia, to create quality employment hand in hand with institutions and especially with universities and research centers, in this particular case with the University of Vigo; and, ultimately, for the development and innovation in the different territories that form the backbone of the nation.

The new headquarters of the Group will host about 40 professionals belonging to the different brands specialized in industrial engineering of Grupo Oesía (Tecnobit, Inster, UAV Navigation and Cipherbit), with a high technological profile, and it will be the main headquarters of Grupo Oesía for one of the great defense projects of the European Union, the future European drone Euromale.

In addition, another of the Group’s important projects, especially linked to Galicia, will be carried out in these new facilities: the development and manufacture of terminals that operate on the LEO satellite constellation. These terminals make it possible to bring resilient communications to under-connected areas and provide support, for example, to emergency responders in critical situations.

During the inauguration, Alfonso Rueda, president of the Xunta de Galicia, has declared his satisfaction to see that “Grupo Oesía is convinced that it is worth to continue growing in Galicia”. He stressed the need to create a comfortable environment, “so that people stay here, providing job stability and helping companies that promote R&D, closing the circle of public-private collaboration. In the Xunta de Galicia we have been demonstrating for years that we take these issues very seriously, because it is the future”.

“I am sure that this is just the beginning of a growth that will be much bigger, if we are able to continue to help them,” Rueda said.

In addition, Ana Mejía, substitute delegate in the Consortium of the Free Trade Zone of Vigo, wanted to express her gratitude to Grupo Oesía “for investing in Galicia, betting on R+D+i projects, generating quality employment and contributing to the structuring of the industrial fabric.” “We need companies like this one. For its dimension and for its sensitivity with people and society” has highlighted Rueda, who placed Grupo Oesía among the main companies of the aerospace technological sector, with a business purpose worthy of highlighting.

On his part, Luis Furnells, executive president of Grupo Oesía, wanted to emphasize the importance of Galicia for the Group: “Galicia has been a fundamental pillar for us for more than 45 years. More than 400 professionals of the Group work in this community for national and international companies and institutions, as well as exporting Spanish technology to more than 40 countries all over the world”.

Regarding the near future, Furnells said, “We are committed to this land, in which we will continue to invest in a decisive and sustained manner, as part of our strategic plan that contemplates a global investment of 100 million euros”.

“We are very proud to be able to inaugurate today this new headquarters and thus contribute to the firm commitment of the Xunta and the city of Vigo for technology and innovation with a Galician and Spanish stamp, strengthening our national sovereignty and the strategic autonomy of Europe in key capabilities developed from disruptive technologies, with the effort and determination of the Galician talent, generated from universities and local research centers”, confirmed the executive president of Grupo Oesía, who also expressed special satisfaction to continue contributing with this milestone to the fulfillment of the purpose of Grupo Oesía “To create a better, more efficient, safe and sustainable world”.

The Group’s new center in the Zona Franca of Vigo joins the other two headquarters of the company in Galicia: the headquarters in A Coruña (Marineda) and Inster’s offices in Pontevedra. In these facilities, in addition to the projects for the aerospace sector, Grupo Oesía develops technologies and solutions for the Public Administration and the financial, industrial and logistic sectors.

Alfonso Rueda, Luis Furnells and Ana Mejía toured the facilities of the new headquarters of Grupo Oesía in Vigo.
Alfonso Rueda, Luis Furnells and Ana Mejía toured the facilities of the new headquarters of Grupo Oesía in Vigo.


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