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Argos System

The essential optronic system in the latest ships of the Spanish Navy.


Our System ARGOS is one of the many optronic systems that we develop in Tecnobit; this one in particular, ARGOS (Surveillance Optronic System ARGOS), is our multisensor stabilized system for observation and surveillance.

Its performances allows for day vision in the most severe weather conditions (smoke, fog and darkness); that is why we can manufacture available for the market a system that is completely prepared for reconnaissance and identification of targets and navigation aid.

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At present, we are the only Spanish Enterprise that can design, develop, make and maintain high performance thermal cameras.
The ARGOS system is a high quality optronic surveillance system for day/night vision, used for navigation, observation and surveillance in fixed installations, sea and earth platforms, and it is able to operate in the most extreme weather conditions.

We design and develop entirely this system and thanks to its modular concept, it can be easily and simply installed in any platform.

It is now installed and operating in the latest ships of the Spanish Navy (LHD Juan Carlos I, BAC Cantabria, F105 Cristobal Colon and the series of Maritime Action Ships BAM OPVs) as well as in different surveillance points of the Strait of Gibraltar.

The ensemble of sensors (“Payload”) is composed by a high quality cooled thermographic camera MWIR (Castor HR or Castor HD), a high resolution and sensibility camera CCD with a continuous zoom and a laser rangefinder ELRF (“Eye safe”) to measure distances. This electro-optical multisensor system is placed in a four axis stabilized platform that allow us to maintain always stable and clear the image even if the platform where it is installed keeps moving.