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Evolution and digital transformation of commercial power systems


Large energy company engaged in the generation and commercialization of gas and electricity.


Energy and utilities

Capabilities used

JAVA development team.


We are faced with the need to update and evolve the digital management of the company's pricing in order to adapt to the regulatory and functional changes of the client, which operates in a regulated market.

This challenge required the development of a new service platform and JAVA component.


Development of a platform that receives all the consumption information to apply all the tariffs, regulated and non-regulated, with the mandate to make the automatic calculation for each user and upload it to the ERP system.


Technological renewal of the platform.

Application of regulatory changes through tariff calculation algorithms for the regulated and non-regulated market.


Development of an immediate, online and real-time pricing system, optimizing the entire billing process and minimizing delays and errors, both for the user and the operation.