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Management and Administration of Telefónica’s Laboratories




Telecoms & High-tech

Capabilities used

Management, configuration, support and maintenance of the test plants that Telefónica has with equipment from different suppliers and whose objective is to certify their correct operation, as well as the validation of solutions prior to their implementation in the network.


Telefónica is one of the leading telecommunications operators, both fixed and mobile, in the domestic and international market, serving millions of individual and corporate customers.

Competition in the telecommunications sector demands to guarantee the highest standards of performance and quality in the services offered, so Telefónica verifies the correct behavior of the products in a preventive way before putting them on the network and interacting with the existing equipment and services.


Grupo Oesía collaborates with Telefónica providing the necessary services for the management of the test plants, including from the installation of equipment to its configuration, support and maintenance.


The services offered by Oesía ensure the availability and the correct functioning of the different equipment installed in the laboratory so that Telefónica's organizations can carry out the necessary certification tests.

The technical team is organized by technology to ensure competence and specialization:


  • Servers
  • Virtualization, Red Unica


IP connectivity:

  • LAN and WAN network configuration
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Firewall
  • Security


Core & Radio:

  • Circuit Core
  • Core Packages
  • Radio Access
  • Transmission


Fixed Access:

  • Copper, XDSL, DSLAM Lines
  • FTTH, OLT, Subscriber Equipment
  • Imagenio



  • Installation and movement of equipment
  • Wiring and physical connections
  • Equipment power supply
  • Data Center Maintenance
  • Spare parts


Test Automation:

  • HGUs
  • Script development


Mobile Development

  • Incident and Request Management
  • CMDB
  • Inventory of technical resources


Grupo Oesía has a proven experience in this activity, which has been carried out for 4 years with satisfactory results, both operational and customer satisfaction.