Digital Transformation

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We have carried out the digital transformation of one of the most important beer-brewing companies in the world.

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Oesia Group considers the Digital Transformation as a strategic process that makes the enterprises and organizations increase their competitive advantages in a society that adopts technology as an essential basis of communication, relation and transaction.

That is why we do not consider it as tactical process, where we exclusively bet on a renovation or a technological update, but as a process of organized transformation, in line with the strategic basis of our clients that makes easier to them the adaptation to the society model of the 21st century.

The Digital Transformation is what allows the 21st century enterprises to keep their main goal: generate value for their shareholders, employees and coworkers, clients and providers.

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We cooperate with the enterprise in order to define its digital transformation model according to its strategic objectives.

Experience tells us that adopting the process of Digital Transformation as a change or a technological evolution is the main reason for this initiative’s failure. The big change is made in the key processes of the business, the ones that guarantee the business object of our clients. Of course, with the necessary support of technology. So, we consider it an End2End principle, that affects the internal productive fields as well as the way of connecting, communicating and transacting with clients and providers.

The Oesia Group proposal starts with the conceptualization of the business objectives and their adaptation to the opportunities in the digital field, establishing the strategic principles of its Digital Transformation, based on technology but also on the interrelation between technology and processes and persons (organization). The process has two phases, closely related, the internal and external transformation, both of them are the basis of the business ecosystem.


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The complete Digital Transformation (both internal and external) promotes the improvement of business performance

Internal Transformation

The internal is the related to the ways of cooperation, communication and work, where Oesia Group will provide the knowledge and experience of its professionals in the introduction of:

  • Advanced solutions that improve productivity and the information management: ERP, Business Intelligence, Planning of the Demand, Logistics, etc.
  • Tools for Cooperation and Team Work: Corporate Social Network and Cooperative Working Environments.
  • Talent Recruitment and Management: Solutions for the Management of Talent– potential (external) and internal – and Knowledge.

External Transformation

The external one is in line with Clients and Providers; also in this case, Oesia Group does its best for the integration of:

  • Solutions to improve the Relation with the Clients: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Digital Communication, Online Promotion of the Brand, Transactions in a mobility environment.
  • Promote and coordinate the digital presence of the brands: Relation with the network, Analysis of activity, adaptation of the contents to the corporate image, etc.
  • Areas of improvement of the supply chain’s efficiency: Supply Chain Management (SCM), buying portals, elements of inter-enterprise cooperation

The Oesia Group proposal in the field of Digital Transformation guarantees the adoption of processes, organizational models and sustainable technologies, organized and in line with the strategic basis, that will make possible their competitiveness in the society of the 21st century.


A Project funded jointly by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce (Plan Avanza 2011), within the National Planning of Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation, 2008-2011, with the following record number: TSI-020100-2011-396.

Bestmark makes easier for the small and medium-sized enterprises the access to the improvement of their management systems thanks to:

  • Comparing them to other enterprises of the same sector in relation to key signs of quality, environment, R+D+I (Research+Development+Innovation), social responsibility, security, healthcare and security in information.
  • The self-assessment according to the national and/or international recognized references; ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, UNE 166002, SGE 21, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 27001