Wireless broadband

Tactical and secure communications Wireless broadband Tactical and secure communications Civilian/military Ka-band and X-band satellite communications system (optional UHF, Ku-band operation). Through a new-generation, high-capacity fixed wireless access network at 28 GHz and 10 GHz. If there is one constant in the Internet phenomenon, it is the unstoppable growth of traffic, driven by devices, applications […]

Combat cloud or tactical cloud, the future of defense is already here

Nothing new under the sun Since ancient times, the quality, quantity, speed and timeliness of information have been key to the development of military conflicts. One of the bases of the success of the Roman legions was the information available to the troops on the battlefield. Each centurion was as knowledgeable about the battle plan […]

Tactical and Secure Communications

areas Tactical and Secure Communications Tactical and secure communications We provide interoperability and security for your communications in any scenario, domain and mission. Our products allow simultaneous operation with multiple tactical data link protocols and provide communications with ad-hoc protocols. Integrate and use the solution you need. Our products and services in Tactical and Secure […]