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Tecnobit COMputer Touch Equipment


Tecnobit’s COMputer Touch Equipment (COMTE) is our family of intelligent multifunction displays specially designed and qualified for ground vehicle operation.

How do we achieve this?

01 -

Designed for applications such as driving assistance or mission management

02 -

Excellent performance with high computational workloads such as BMS or video compression

03 -

Easy-to-use user-friendly interface with GVA keyboard and multi-touch display

04 -

Easy integration into the vehicle network

05 -

It can be installed inside armored vehicles in any position, as well as in ground stations:

  • Drivers: to support driving in low visibility conditions with extremely low latency.

  • Shooters: to provide information about the fire control system and the turret.

  • Officers: to provide general information about the vehicle, communication network, sensors, etc.

06 -

It is perfectly adapted to complex local situational awareness systems (LSAS), improving combat effectiveness and combatant safety.

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