10 tips for leading high-performance hybrid teams


In today’s work environment, brought about by the advent of remote work, connecting with the team becomes more crucial than ever. By carefully analyzing the behavior of high-performance teams, we have observed that a large part of the success lies in the management performed by the leader himself.

If as a leader you want to turn your team, in today’s hybrid work environment, into a high-performance team, follow these tips:

Energize the team through actions that increase open communication with employees. This strengthens the links between the company and the professional, which is essential when working at a distance.

2. Empower your professionals by encouraging professional “co-responsibility” and create spaces of freedom that allow for self-management. Forget control, go for mentoring and build confidence in them; it will make them feel valued and motivated.

3. Organize the team in a clear and transparent manner. Define what can be done remotely and what in person, using absolute transparency to establish credibility in the actions to be carried out. Try to be assertive in the different activities.

4. Set and maintain direction. Define clear instructions for the different departments to pursue common objectives and achieve the same. In the hybrid team environment, the model should be goal-oriented as a means of establishing a commitment between the team manager and the team. Facilitates empowerment and mutual trust.

5. Respect everyone’s time. Hold productive meetings avoiding digressions, interruptions and delays, accompanied by a scheduled pattern, organized and known by all team members. When distributing workloads, try to set achievable objectives at optimal times.

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6. Establish an agile collaboration model that allows both the manager and the rest of the team to adapt the way of working to the conditions of the project. Flexibility and immediacy in the response to adapt the project and its development to the specific circumstances of the environment.

7. Detects the needs of the remote professional, both for emotional and factual needs. It takes advantage of the possibilities offered by digital tools and the virtues of face-to-face work.

8. Build trust in the team in such a way that you enhance cooperation and mutual commitment, to make the work purpose-driven. Purpose matters more than ever, and the way to help employees rediscover the purpose of their work is to make every task and project mission-driven.

9. Develops collaborative relationships that generate commitment, not controls through results-based management but through accurate, timely and frequent feedback.

10. Active listening through trust. It is essential to listen to the needs of all employees and help them when they need it, so that they feel integrated and comfortable in the work environment. In a hybrid work environment, distance should not lead to a lack of trust, therefore, an effort should be made in this regard.

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Adapting efficiently to a changing environment, transforming challenges into opportunities, is the shortest way to achieve excellence in team management. Take advantage of these 10 tips and get to work.

Javier Merino, Talent Director

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