Winter Sales Bank Fraud Alert: don’t forget about SKIMMING

Usually We ask ourselves how best to protect our assets and, after analyzing the situation, we install alarm systems, take precautions when withdrawing cash from ATMs and read the fine print in the contracts we sign. But we may not be aware of the risks involving economic activitiesespecially those we carry out electronically, and electronic […]

Safety, the differentiating value for our customers

For some years now, the use of technologies has become a matter of total relevance for most business organizational systems. Just as technological solutions to make our lives more comfortable are advancing exponentially, so are the risks and threats to these devices and applications. If we add to this the rapid – and at times […]


markets Banking and Fintech Banking and Fintech The financial sector, led by Banking and Fintech, is immersed in a global digitization process in which they must ensure the security and their data, to facilitate the omnichannel and achieve the efficiency in its processes, these are the three keys on which its development is based. Petri […]