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CaixaBank customer experience




Banking & Fintech | Insurance

Capabilities used

Customer service platform with extensive knowledge of banking operations to advise the end user in the contracting of financial services and products.


Grupo Oesia was providing services to Bankia when Caixabank absorbed Bankia. At that point, Caixbank already has its trusted suppliers.

The challenge consisted in demonstrating to Caixabank that Grupo Oesía, on the one hand, had great experience in assuring the continuity of the business in this type of integrations between two entities, thanks to its experience in bank mergers in the past and, on the other hand, to put in value our service, which has levels of Quality and Efficiency superior to the competitors.

Finally, our company has demonstrated the importance of having a professional team capable of providing a quality service, at a time when the customer demands a personalized and multichannel service. Financial institutions are at a time when most of their operations are moving towards self-service, and this is where a remote advisory service becomes more relevant.


  • Safe transition
  • Ensure zero-risk integration
  • Training of the Caixabank operation to all the staff of Oesía involved in the project.
  • Implementing the latest technologies in a multichannel experience


  • Multi-channel customer service for CaixaBank customers, both internal (employees of the branch network) and external (private customers, retailers and companies).
  • Convince the various stakeholders that Oesia is able to provide a top quality service while ensuring a risk-free integration.


Integration phase:

  • Business continuity, ensuring quality service throughout the integration phase between the two platforms.

Expansion of services and call volume

  • Level of attention 97%.
  • Platform opening in Barcelona. We currently have two locations: Murcia and Barcelona.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 model
  • increase in languages: Spanish, English and Catalan
  • Incorporation of a personalized service skill for senior clients. Specialized "premium" service to carterized customers.

Providing an advisory service, attending > 100,000 calls per month attended calls/contacts per month.