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Download orders from web pages


Spanish company in the food sector



Capabilities used

Process Robotization.


The person in charge of modifying the order data in the customer's tools needed to obtain the data to be updated from the website every week.
For this reason, there was a need to download the file with the last week's orders from the web.

Therefore, one person was destined to perform this task in a repetitive manner, producing, in some cases, inconsistencies in the information.


Through a status assessment, it was recommended to the client to automate the process, which was being performed manually. The aim was to free the employee from repetitive tasks and to avoid human errors in the downloading of information.


A robot has been developed to execute the downloading of the information automatically.

The robot was placed under a client monitoring system, which is responsible for the orchestration of the executions.
Due to the need for information availability, the robot operates at night.


Earlier in the day, the information needed was available.

Through this action, savings were achieved in the processing and downloading of information equivalent to the work carried out by one person.

Thus, errors in downloading information were avoided and the person who was previously in charge of this repetitive task can now use his time to perform more complex tasks.