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Field Artillery Simulation Maintenance – SIMACA


Spanish Army


Capabilities used

Custom hardware and software development of a Field Artillery Group simulator for the technical and tactical training of a GACA supporting a Brigade exercise.

Other companies or players involved

  • Ingevideo - Projection system.
  • Immersive Display Solutions - Emulated observation elements for the advanced artillery observer.
  • GMV - Integration with the TALOS command and control system.
  • Enersai - Uninterruptible Power Supply System.


SIMACA was created in 2001 with the objective of supporting the training of students and the training of the Armed Forces units. From its origin until today, Tecnobit has evolved the product both from the technical point of view and from the technical support aimed at achieving the full satisfaction of the customer and the user units. During these years of life, the simulator has evolved from a field artillery oriented simulation system to a real fire support simulator, continuously improving its hardware, software and expanding the services offered to such an extent that it has become a national simulation reference center meeting the present and future needs of the armed forces.


Since its inception, Tecnobit has worked together with the client and user units offering a technical service of maintenance and evolution of the system tailored to their operational needs. With more than 20 years of experience in comprehensive technical support and user support in this type of simulation systems, Tecnobit has managed to maintain the SIMACA State of the Art. A State of the Art based not only on the latest technological innovations but also on the improvement of operational and doctrinal procedures offering the best possible training to gunners.


Tecnobit offers the most comprehensive level of support by providing a customized turnkey solution to the customer based on the following activities:


The result is a simulation and technical support system tailored to the customer and their needs and focused on achieving their full satisfaction. Based on Tecnobit's wide range of services, the customer has a highly available simulator that is periodically updated with the latest technological innovations and military doctrine.