success stories

Migration of ENEA Aseguradoras application to a JAVA environment.


Well-established traditional insurance company



Capabilities used

ENEA Evolution, our evolved suite of customizable, parameterizable and scalable insurance products.


The rapid evolution and sophistication of technology has forced companies to deal effectively and timely with changes in their IT infrastructures and systems, optimizing the use of resources through the evolution and adaptation of new technologies.

With the ENEA EVOLUTION implementation project (developed with Java and XML technology) proposed for our client, by creating a single centralized application on a server, the costs of implementation, maintenance and version updates would decrease considerably, helping to save on development and infrastructure.

According to published official data, in Spain, the annual expenditure on technological maintenance of small/medium-sized insurance companies was around 2.7% of periodic premiums (September 2020).


  1. Creation of new software versions
  2. Performing the appropriate quality control and installation in production.
  3. Centralize application maintenance costs with a single software (accessible via a browser), significantly reducing the costs of installing new versions and architecture/hardware maintenance.

ENEA EVOLUTION is optimally designed to be able to use the minimum infrastructure, while maintaining optimal usability, security and performance requirements.


Transformation to a new JAVA technological environment of our client's insurance platform.


Drastic reduction of time and costs, both for process maintenance and modifications for Continuous Improvement throughout the useful life of the new ENEA EVOLUTION system.


  • Integrated Management Model
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Generation of integrated, consolidated and consistent internal and regulatory information.
  • Updating and evolution of the Technological Platform