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Monitoring of security events to detect security threats, fraud cases and/or system misuse to minimize potential impacts


Orange Spain


Telecoms & High-tech

Capabilities used

ArcSight, GLPI.


Orange already had the SOC service with a Level 1 outsourced to another company. Oesía enters to replace the previous service provider after a better valuation by Orange in the renewal of the service.


The proposed solution is intended to cover the security monitoring and operation service through the SIEM ArcSight platform, from where the different alerts are registered for subsequent initial triage, analysis and escalation through the GLPI service management platform, where contact is established with the other actors involved.

In addition, an agreement is established for collaboration and improvement in the use cases associated with the alerts.


The service is integrated within your existing SOC to perform the following actions:

  • 24×7 monitoring and analysis of security events.
  • Collaboration in the creation/improvement of security alerts and associated use cases.
  • Attention to low complexity Cybersecurity requests.
  • Collaboration in the maintenance of action procedures.
  • Follow-up of service indicators related to monitoring.



During 2021, more than 25,000 security alerts were managed. The service provided has been satisfactory during the initially contracted years, since Orange Spain has trusted in Oesía to renew the service.