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Processes of Attention and Management of infrastructures and ICT services for Telefónica de Empresas customers.




Telecoms & High-tech

Capabilities used

Maintenance activities (corrective and preventive) and provision of data and voice catalog services integrated in Telefónica's Centers of Excellence in its different management modalities.

Use of Telefónica's own management tools to record all the center's activity.


Telefónica is one of the main telecommunications operators in the Spanish market, providing service to millions of customers, being the scope of this project SMEs, Large Enterprises, Financial Institutions and Public Administrations.

Competition in the telecommunications sector demands the highest standards of performance and quality in the services offered, as well as continuous innovation and adaptation to a constantly evolving market.


Grupo Oesía collaborates with Telefónica offering a service of attention, support and technical management of the Data, Voice and IT services that Telefónica provides to its clients.

The Centers of Excellence are Multi-Client Network Operations Centers designed on the basis of three management modalities:

  • Premium: customers who have a high level of services, require a more personalized attention and have special requirements.
  • Advanced: focused on customers who require more personalized attention than that included by default in the standard contracted services.
  • Standard: clients with basic care needs.


These services are provided remotely, with a 24×7 level of attention.


Serving 2,200 Standard management clients and 55 Premium clients in the provinces of Andalusia, Extremadura, Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands.

This high volume of customers means that the plant managed by the center is very large and complex, requiring technical knowledge of all types of services, as well as of the different technologies.

Among the activities carried out on a daily basis at the Center, the following are worth mentioning:

  • End-user service for incidents, requests, claims, provisions, escalations and advice on the use of services.
  • Proactive supervision of services.
  • Lifecycle management of incidents, requests, inquiries and complaints.
  • Execution of preventive and corrective maintenance operations.
  • Attention to installers.
  • Coordination and follow-up of service outages and management of action windows.
  • Monitoring and tracking of provisioning events.
    Configuration and service activations.
  • Processing of registrations, cancellations and modifications of sales orders.
  • Inventory control.
  • Participation in the automation and improvement processes proposed by Telefónica.
  • Nominal shared or dedicated Technical Service Manager for personalized technical support functions.


Grupo Oesía has a wide experience in the world of the Personalized Management Centers starting its activity more than 20 years ago and after that, it has been consolidating its position as a qualified supplier, which has allowed us to assume new Centers and to transform some of them into the so-called Centers of Excellence.