UAS in firefighting: how unmanned systems can help keep the environment safe

Firefighting services around the world are constantly innovating, and the recent trend toward the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is no exception. Climate change has been a key factor in increasing the risk and extent of wildfires. Climate change is creating increasingly hotter and drier conditions, increasing the risk of drought and a longer […]

How drone package delivery works

The post Covid aviation industry The aviation industry has suffered one of the toughest setbacks in its history with the COVID-19 pandemic. The reduction in human mobility significantly affected global air traffic. In 2021, when mobility began to be reactivated, green shoots began to appear, with the number of flights on the rise, reaching figures […]

Survivability of unmanned aircraft in hostile environments

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has convulsed the geopolitics of the region with a still unforeseeable impact on the rest of the world. Our environment has become much more unstable and has taken us back to times we thought were over in Europe, at least since the Balkan conflicts three decades ago. The threats arising […]

In-flight data logging device (BSD)

avionics and space In-flight data logging device (BSD) Avionics and Space Recording of aircraft data from the various busses Our BSD (Bulk Storage Device) centralizes the recording of maintenance data from the different aircraft systems. Performs the recording of aircraft data from the different buses such as avionics, engine or structural, for subsequent analysis on […]

Air Data Sensor (ADT)

avionics and space Air Data Sensor (ADT) Avionics and Space Measurement and processing of multiple aircraft air parameters Our ADT (Air Data Transducer) computer is flight critical equipment responsible for the measurement and processing of multiple aircraft air parameters. It is part of the reliable and robust Fly-By-Wire Flight Control System for military aircraft.It is […]

Data Loading Unit (GLU)

avionics and space Data Loading Unit (GLU) Avionics and Space Uploading and exchange of data through connection to the various on-board equipment Our Ground & Landing Unit (GLU) is a ruggedized laptop designed to allow data upload and exchange through its connection to the various equipment on board the aircraft. It is a unit designed […]


avionics and space RPAS/UAV unmanned vehicles Avionics and Space Flight control and navigation solutions for fixed wing, rotary wing and target drone UAVs We design, manufacture and implement flight control and navigation solutions for fixed wing, rotary wing and target drones. Our Autopilots for UAVs have more than 60,000 flight hours, with qualified and certified […]

Deterministic Ethernet for avionic data buses

avionics and space Deterministic Ethernet for Avionic Data Buses Avionics and Space Time-Triggered Ethernet (TTEthernet) and Time Sensitive Networks (TSN) for Ethernet networks Advanced sensors, communications or cockpit graphic displays expected in future aircraft are a major challenge for today’s avionics networks. Our Time-Triggered Ethernet overcomes the limited data rates and network performance of current […]

Data converter

avionics and space Data converter Avionics and Space Protocol converters with compact airworthy solutions We offer protocol converters capable of acquiring and transmitting signals from different buses in a deterministic manner, with compact, airworthy solutions that eliminate the drawbacks of larger, more expensive and demanding systems on aeronautical platforms. The wide range of existing buses […]

Mission Computer

avionics and space Mission Computer Avionics and Space Safety and efficiency in any mission Our aeronautical mission computers integrate multiple mission system functions, using distributed and shared processing resources. Thanks to its reduced SWaP (Size, Weight & Power), our system significantly reduces the entire product life cycle cost. Suitable for various functions (Mission/Sensors/Weapons Processing, Warehousing/Electronic […]


avionics and space Wideband EPM SATCOM Avionics and Space Civilian/military Ka-band and X-band satellite communications System for civil/military Ka-band and X-band satellite communications (optional operation in UHF, Ku-band) for optimal communication between aircraft and satellite. Other solutions in Avionics MIDS Interface Computer (MIC) The MIC system is a tactical communications computer that integrates an aircraft’s […]

Audio Management System (AMS)

avionics and space Audio Management System (AMS) Avionics and Space Management of audio and communications systems in military aircraft. Product sheet Our AMS system has made us a reference in the management of audio and communications systems in military aircraft. It enables centralized management of the aircraft’s radio communication, radio navigation and intercom systems, facilitating […]

MIDS Interface Computer (MIC)

avionics and space MIDS Interface Computer (MIC) Avionics and Space Integration of an aircraft mission system with the Link network 16 Product sheet The MIC system is a tactical communications computer that integrates an aircraft’s mission system with the Link 16 network. Used by A400M and A330 MRTT for integration into the combat cloud. Enables […]