5G network security

With the imminent entry into service of the 5G mobile communications standard, concern about the security of this new standard is growing every day, which is a good sign because it demonstrates the degree of awareness that society is adopting with respect to security. A few years ago, when faced with a new product, the […]

Approval of devices

Homologation Homologation of devices Homologation We perform all technical activities necessary to ensure product quality. based on GCF, operator or manufacturer standards. Our technology center has advanced test equipment, both physical and logical, to test the operation of all types of devices and equipment under extreme conditions of use. They include combined temperature, vibration, humidity […]


areas Homologation Homologation We perform tests and trials to ensure that your applications, services and devices meet the expected technical and functional requirements in all possible environments and conditions of use. Application Development and Homologation We guarantee the correct operation of your applications. More info Homologation of devices We perform all the technical activities necessary […]