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Identifying the occurrence of a cybersecurity event


“Detect” is based on the development and implementation of appropriate activities to identify the occurrence of a cybersecurity event.

The detection function enables the timely discovery of cybersecurity events as they occur, and deals with all those technologies, infrastructures and processes that seek to alert us in a timely manner of the occurrence of these events.

How do we achieve this?

01 -

Infrastructure operation

Installation, operation, administration, support, maintenance and assistance of the equipment and tools that make up the security platform.

02 -

Early warning of threats

Real-time security information and alerts of the organization, through connection with the main sources of cyber intelligence worldwide.

03 -

Vulnerability management

Data protection through comprehensive management of vulnerabilities in order to minimize risks to systems, networks and equipment.

04 -

Incident monitoring and response

24×7 monitoring of the organization’s network by our team of experts and response to possible security incidents.

05 -

Digital Surveillance (OSINT)

Monitoring of the organization’s assets (brands, people and credentials) on the Internet, and deep/dark web for reputational protection.

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