cybersecurity and encryption


Development and implementation of security mechanisms


This phase is based on the development and implementation of appropriate security measures to ensure the security of the organizations’ assets, whether information, technology, infrastructure or people.

Our aim is to prevent our information, and everything we use in its processing, from being vulnerable to threats in the ICT environment.

How do we achieve this?

01 -

Wifi Audit

Detailed analysis of wireless networks, with the purpose of detecting security vulnerabilities and offering the pertinent recommendations.

02 -

Secure development

Technical and human verifications to analyze the risks to which the organization’s software is exposed by means of the most advanced technology.

03 -

Awareness and Training

Targeted and segmented training and awareness-raising for the different profiles of the organization according to the degree of exposure to the different threats.

04 -

Ethical hacking

Testing the strength of security controls through state-of-the-art attack techniques in a controlled environment.

05 -

Malware Laboratory

We replicate the customer’s infrastructure, to study the behavior of a malware to learn how to fight it.

06 -

Infrastructure Operation

Installation, operation, administration, support, maintenance and assistance of the equipment and tools that make up the security platform.

07 -

Cybersecurity for managers

Action plans for the securitization of the organization’s high-level personnel, identifying the vulnerabilities to which they are exposed.

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