cybersecurity and encryption


Act upon the detected cybersecurity event.


“Respond” consists of the development and implementation of activities necessary to take action with respect to a detected cybersecurity event.

This function supports the ability to contain the impact of a potential cybersecurity event, using all the tools at our disposal (human, technological and organizational).

How do we achieve this?

01 -

Vulnerability management

Data protection through comprehensive vulnerability management, with the aim of minimizing risks to systems, networks and equipment.

02 -

Incident monitoring and management

24×7 monitoring of the organization’s network by our team of experts and response to possible security incidents.

Other cybersecurity services


Understand the organization of cybersecurity risk management.
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Strengthen the responsiveness of organizations after a cybersecurity incident.
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Continuous monitoring to identify security threats in time.
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Strategic plan for the recovery of services or capacities that have been damaged.
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