Artillery Simulation

Our Field Artillery Simulator SIMACA is considered one of the best in the world.

the best Artillery Simulation Centers worldwide

We provide a complete simulation environment for the formation, training and evaluation of the personnel of the different units that comprise a Field Artillery Group.

  • Advanced Observer (AOV)
  • Battery/Group Shooting Center Director (FDC)
  • Fire Support Elements (FSE)
  • Parts Line (Howitzers and Mortars)
  • Means of Target Acquisition (RPAS, CB Radar)
  • Integration with Command and Control Systems (C2)
  • Interoperability HLA
  • Training capacity JTAC/JFO


We have all the necessary tools to carry out different exercises that can train from the technical aspects of shooting, to the tactical capabilities of the units, as determined by the instructor.

Our solution is used internationally

Operational since 2001: Field Artillery Simulator SIMACA

Operational since 2015 Fire Support Simulators (SIMAF)

Under development since 2021: Advanced Artillery Simulator (including JTAC) for the Army.

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