Duel Simulation

Our Duel Simulators facilitate instruction and training.

in precision marksmanship and combat engagement tactics

They consist of a set of detectors and laser emitters that are installed on the platforms to be trained, either a tank or the standard equipment of an individual soldier.

The training is carried out with the same procedures as a regular shooting training, but the live ammunition is replaced by laser elements, which makes the training fully effective.

They are used for tactical exercises in which all the elements that would be involved in a real situation interact, including the tension of real combat, but eliminating the high cost of live ammunition and without degrading the environment.

Tank Dueling Simulator

Our training system is based on PGS (Precision Gunnery System) technology, using transmitters, optical sensors and laser scanners.

This equipment is attached to the battle tanks that will participate in the exercises so that they can simulate the firing of the vehicle’s main weapon systems.

It facilitates the training of shooting procedures, avoiding the use of live ammunition (minimizing risks and with the consequent economic savings) and under realistic conditions of tactical combat exercises.

Individual Fighter Simulator

Our Combatant Dueling Simulator allows for tactical and shooting instruction of soldiers in a real operating environment, interacting with all the elements that would be involved in a real situation.

It is configured with a series of laser sensors on the combatants’ uniform and a laser emitter mounted on the actual weapon to simulate an authentic engagement.

This system is complemented by an analysis station on a portable PC. The instrumented version incorporates a GPS and radio in a backpack that allows real-time monitoring from a real-time Exercise Tracking Station.

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