JTAC simulation

We offer you an advanced training system for JTACs, which provide air support with coverage to the rest of the units working in the field.

Joint Terminal Attack Controller

Our Advanced Training System for JTAC, and JFO (Joint Fires Observer) is a virtual system designed to train, certify, qualify and evaluate all personnel involved in CAS (Close Air Support) missions.

  • It allows the qualification of the JTAC, being suitable for training in large and complex scenarios involving all participants in the exercise.
  • It supports tactical training and technical procedures with physical replicas of its own organic material to designate targets and communicate with the aircraft.
  • A multifunctional pilot station is available to train the pilot tactically together with the JTAC.
  • It enables training in mission planning and preparation, terrain reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition, fire mission preparation and execution, and damage assessment.

Our systems are adapted to the customer's needs and requirements:


For NATO certifications.

JTAC Portable

For short stays due to its portability.


For simultaneous training of students.

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