Tactical and secure communications

Encryption and key management

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Our developments in information encryption and key management are based on international NATO standards to provide secure interoperability in tactical operations environments.

We have solutions with classified, unlimited broadcast or confidential levels, using SCIP or NINE encryption engines.


Encryption of classified information


Our Combatant Personal Encryptor (CIFPECOM) was developed to meet the need for secure communications over IP radios between soldiers, vehicles and other elements deployed in a tactical environment, managing both national and international security, voice and data.


Aeronautical solution for the encryption and security of information between aerial platforms, under NATO Secret protocol, meeting all its interoperability and DAL-D certification objectives.

Key management

Our Electronic Key Management System (EKMS) includes generation, distribution, security and uploading throughout the key life cycle.

We have a range of products that adapt to the needs of each project:

  • Manages and stores account information with professional database and multiple web clients
  • Multi-domain Key Loader – NATO, EU and national (with two loaded simultaneously) selectable at start-up (CIK)
  • National generation of keys with export via DS-101 for integration into NATO systems.

VMF Processor

VLAD is a Variable Message Format (VMF) data link processor, designed as a unique “Core VMF” software processor, with Multi-Role and Multi-Platform capabilities and functionalities (Strike, JTAC, Observer and others).

The VLAD system application is a complete system (CMS + Processor) for operations in land / air / naval environments based on the VMF protocol.

Other tactical and secure communications solutions

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