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Tactical data link communications systems

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We have proven experience in Multi-Link Tactical Link Communication, for the demanding operational environment of NATO standardization, at an international level.

Our family of solutions responds to different types of operational needs, protocols and platforms. With recognized advantages for its broad capabilities and easy integration with platform combat/mission/battle systems.

Our technology is exported internationally and has been operating successfully without interruption since 2006.


Multi-Link Data Link Processor (DLP)

For Link-11, Link-16, JREAP-C, Link-22 and VMF, with simultaneous operations and inter-network forwarding.

Tactical Communications Processors for the demanding NATO world, in different versions, formats (SW or SW/HW), and different integration interfaces. That decouples the platform’s command and control system from the implementation of such protocols and from the equipment in the communications chain of each data link.

Complete tactical communications system with Openlink protocol.

Communications system of tactical communications links with ad-hoc protocol of Tecnobit-Grupo Oesía.

The Openlink protocol functionally and operationally includes the best of the conventional data link protocols, and makes them available for use by a country as its sovereign and secure tactical communications network for ships, land, and air platforms.

It covers the entire communications chain as required by the end user, including our own tactical console (VITAL console), the Openlink processor, and COTS communications systems and equipment.

Complete system and mission-oriented processor with standard protocol NATO VMF (Variable Message Format)

It is a complete system that implements the VMF protocol, which we call VLAD (VMF Link ADvance system).

VLAD is a parameterizable multi-role and multi-platform system, in different versions and formats (SW only, SW/HW, complete system, DLP-VMF only), which can be applicable to ground units, vehicles, aircraft, and soldiers, adopting in each one its corresponding role with the same “core SW”.

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Spanish Army
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Royal Netherlands Navy
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Spanish Air Force
Swedish Navy
Other navies and air forces in progress

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