Bank and Insurances

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Experts in Consumption Finance, Outsourcing and Big Data

Our company treasures a wide knowledge on consumption finance, that has been achieved during years of experience, strengthening the Oesia Group work in bank.

In line with new projects on BigData, Oesia Group not only works in consumption finance but it also fortifies areas of a great relevance, as the one of credit risk.

Likewise, we want to know better the bank client using these innovating technics of data processing. This allows the finance entity for establishing patterns that could propel cross sale, and afterwards, design marketing campaigns with a more precise target.

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We work with the main leading finance groups

The functional knowledge of the bank core achieved through years of working in the main finance entities of our country, let us develop a series of specialized services focused on the functional aspect, and not only on the technological one, of areas of maximum priority for the finance entities.

We have specialized software Factories in the finance sector with expert teams and equipment in different technologies and platforms.

To face the growing request of mobile services by the clients and the use of internet and social networks as the main way of buying and communicating with the bank entities, we provide solutions that monitor completely the social networks, analyze in a dynamic way the information and the Social Marketing in order to guarantee a fast and personalized answer to the clients’ needs.

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Platforms for digital signature and biometric of electronic documents

We provide an advanced engine for automated signature that can support different Operating Systems and browsers, even in working positions and mobile devices that includes validation authority and timestamping.

Oesia also has a large experience in cross services of Support and Maintenance of Applications, Outsourcing of Infrastructures and Services, as well as Security, adapted to the special features of this sector.