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Simulator of Camp Artillery (SIMACA)

The most advanced simulation technology in order to offer military training.
Our Simulator of Camp Artillery is now going through a new era since a detailed update has been made regarding this system, operational since 2001.

SIMACA is considered one of the best Simulation Centers of Artillery worldwide. Its mission is to instruct, train and assess the operational staff of a Camp Artillery group, from the most advanced observation points to the pieces’ line. All the obligatory procedures, related to the fire technics, are been trained; that is why this simulator is the most appropriate tool for instruction and training since it presents a virtual representation of the means used in Camp Artillery as well as of the situations that derives from its functioning and use.

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The training of the artillerymen using the SIMACA saved a lot of millions of euros regarding ammunition.

It is possible to train in a tactical setting and simulate a real fight situation so that all the participants in the exercise are forced to face an enemy that appears in a specific moment, as a consequence of the incidents that the instructor introduced into to the exercise.

The new SIMACA, just updated, makes possible the reproduction of the air fire control, the observation with drones or the interconnection with other simulation centers thanks to a new format or a communication protocol called HLA. Thanks to this, it will be possible to communicate with other simulators of the Armed Forces