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Duel Simulators

We contribute to a real and effective training using an innovating formula in Spain.
The Simulation activity during the last years strengthened Tecnobit’s leadership in Duel Simulation and made of it an essential tool for the instruction and training in precision shooting and fight training.

The system is made of an ensemble of equipment that are installed on the platform you want to train with; a tank or the soldier’s equipment. In this why the exercises are carried out even with the tension of the Combat and at lower cost and without degrading the environment.

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Day after day we lead the way of Duel Simulation worldwide.

Tank Duel Simulator

This activity started after we were awarded the contract for the design and development of 85 Duel Simulators for the CC Leopardo 2E, and later, 80 Duel Simulators for the VCI Pizarro and 40 Simulators for the Shooting Targets.

These simulators are fully operational in the Infantry Armored Brigade “Guadarrama XII” (Madrid), in the Armored Units Instruction Center “San Gregorio” (Zaragoza), the Infantry Brigade “Guzmán el Bueno X” (Córdoba) and the Mechanized Infantry Brigade “Extremadura XI” (Badajoz).

Also related to this activity, the Tracking Stations were installed and started up, making possible the control and monitoring in real time of the Exercises with Duel Simulators in the shooting camps of “San Gregorio”.

Individual Combatant Simulator

The Combatant Duel Simulator allows the soldiers tactical and shooting instruction in a real operating environment, interacting with all the elements that would appear in an authentic situation.

The system is configured with a series of laser sensors placed on the uniform of the combatants and a laser emitter mounted on the real weapon to simulate an authentic confrontation.

In addition, the system is complemented with an Analysis Station on portable PC. The instrumentalized version incorporates a GPS and a radio in a backpack that allows real-time control from a real-time Tracking Station of the exercise.