The present of flexible remuneration in companies

retribucion flexible en las empresa

In a globalized environment such as the current one, the search for initiatives aimed at making better use of resources and investments becomes a constant within the operations of companies. This pressure has increased even more as a result of the inflation spiral that we are affecting and that seems to last longer than some […]

Steps towards the digital transformation of companies

transformación digital en empresas

Based on my experience as head of Digital Transformation at Grupo Oesía, where innovation and digitization itself are part of our DNA, I share some reflections on how we help our clients to equip themselves with the necessary digital capabilities to evolve their business.   The motivation The first thing we should ask ourselves is […]

Innovation. Key point in the Insurance Sector

Understanding the context to arrive at innovation To know where we are we must look back and realize what has happened to us recently, which caused companies and ourselves to have to to undertake a digital transformation, practically overnight and in a disruptive way.. We are talking about the effects of the Covd-19 pandemic Covd-19The […]


Processes and Hyper-automation BPO Processes and Hyper-automation We ensure service levels We provide process outsourcing services in which we ensure service levels with the quality, efficiency and consequent savings for your operations that you need. Our professionals take charge of specific processes, providing the know-how accumulated in numerous clients, so that you can concentrate on […]


Processes and Hyper-automation Hyper-automation Processes and Hyper-automation Factory We have infrastructure and a robot farm in our facilities that facilitates the design of robotic executions without facing infrastructure costs, providing us with speed when scaling robots. With our own factory we obtain: Agility in the analysis, development and implementation of new bots and new automated […]

Consulting and diagnostics

Processes and Hyper-automation Consulting and Diagnostics Processes and Hyper-automation The best solution for your specific needs Our team has the necessary knowledge to design and implement the best solution for your specific needs. Thanks to the experience acquired in collaboration with large companies and institutions, which has allowed us to offer both packaged solutions as […]

Processes and Hyper-automation

areas Processes and Hyper-automation Processes and Hyper-automation We have Infrastructure and a Robot farm in our facilities that makes it easier for us to think about robotic executions, without facing an infrastructure cost and giving speed when scaling the number of robots. We provide you with the best practices and adapt them to the particularities […]

Blockchain and GDPR

ciberseguridad blockchain

The blockchain, defined as a shared database that records all transactions made by users in a ledger, has been elevated to axiomatic status in recent years. This is because the blockchain bases its activity on the principle of inviolability of transactions, which, in addition to being unique, have a guaranteed traceability that certifies the transaction. […]