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FLIR-IRST (Pirate)

Searching sensor and infrared tracking

Our participation in the consortium EUROFIRST composed by Selex ES (Italy), Tecnobit (Spain) and THALES Optronics (UK) meant the participation in the most advanced technology development program in the IR sensors field, leader in the implantation of IRST capacity. Besides, it places Tecnobit in the lead of the Spanish enterprises in the development of the IR sensors.

This system is now one of the most innovating in the field, since it has included all the recent technological advances, apart from being completely operating in the European fighter aircraft Typhoon (EF-2000).

The PIRATE System not only provides a thermal image (FLIR), it also includes the capacity IRST, for searching and automatic tracking of targets; that is why this sensor is the most advanced on the existing market.


parallax layer

The FLIR/IRST, PIRATE, is the most advanced infrared sensor for the detection and tracking of targets in this field.

Its two principal missions are:

  • Searching, detection and tracking of air targets from very long distances to give air superiority to the Eurofighter.
  • Help the landing in severe visibility conditions.

The IRST capacity gives to the fighter aircraft a “passive radar” that track the space in front of the aircraft, detecting targets through their thermal transmissions without transmitting any radiation and increasing the stealth capacity of the aircraft. In this way, it is not possible for the target to know when it is detected or acquired, so the Eurofighter has a very important advantage in an air fight. The information provided by the IRST is treated by the computer of the mission for the assignment and the direction of the weapons, and for the direction of other sensors (principally radar) in the final phase of the attack. It is able to do an automatic tracking of more than 500 targets at the same time and to detect aircrafts at long distance.

In this project, Tecnobit is responsible for the development and production of all the electronics included in the video chain and part of the tracking electronics, including the correction Algorithms of the image treatment response.