Public Administration

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Services and solutions for an effective management of the Public Administration

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In Oesia Group we are solidly committed to society. Our company offers solutions for the management of Public Administration, especially designed to cover effectively its needs.

Our action line reaches every field of public management. We work nationally with the General Administration of the State and the Autonomous Communities and we cooperate closely with several autonomous governments: Community of Madrid, Government of Aragon, Region of Murcia, Castile and Leon…

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We are a leading group in the development of local management tools for city councils and provincial governments.

Oesia Group offers a wide range of reference products in this field. Serve as an example our tool Interpública, that more 1.200 city councils work with as well as other local entities in Spain.

In regards to the future, we work on the development of Citizen Cards, a field we are now working in. We are also consultants when it comes to Transparency;, in this field we are designing our expertise based on the functional knowledge of our professionals.

In addition, we are one of the main providers of solutions in the field of complaint management where we have a great experience. Likewise, we work with the Ministry of Economy and is the management of aids of the Feder Funds. This is, beyond any doubt, one of our main action lines inside this sector.

In our company, we consider a priority to keep being leaders in taxation management, in general, and detection of taxation fraud, in particular, both fields where we work in high levels in municipalities and autonomous communities.

The European platform TheyBuyforYou

Grupo Oesía takes part in the European platform TheyBuyforYou for a more efficient, transparent and inclusive public purchase.

TheyBuyForYou is an H2020 project, financed with European funds, whose objective is the development of a technological platform that provides core services, data, open APIs and online tools to improve in an innovative way the efficiency in hiring, inclusive access to information on European tenders and transparency, with impact on both the public and private sectors.

The project has its own website available through the link:

Grupo Oesía works on the project selected by the H2020 Innovation Program together with 9 other partners from 5 European countries (Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Norway and Slovenia). From Spain Oesía, the City Council of Zaragoza and the Polytechnic University of Madrid work toghther in the proyect. This project will allow us to offer solutions of greater value to the e-procurement platforms and transparency webisites existing in our country.

The project foresees benefits under four innovation scenarios:

  • Regional economic development, facilitating the participation of SMEs in public contracts
  • Demand management: Identifying trends in public procurement and facilitating the generation of savings
  • Contribution to better competition, identifying possible “rigging” and other irregularities through Transparency and accountability
  • Application of supplier intelligence, optimizing supply chains

In addition, TheyBuyforYou will have important implications in the generation of savings for Governments and public administrations in their procurment processes.

TheyBuyForYou must validate three “business cases” around public / corporate procurement in Slovenia, Italy and Spain.

The experience of Grupo Oesía in the development of a Contracting Ontology for the public sector through its participation in the CONTSEM Project (Optimization of public procurement through the use of semantic techniques), funded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism between 2012 and 2014, has been key to be chosen to participate in this project.

The result of the experience was the PPROC ontology, which is used by the Zaragoza City Council, Diputación de Huesca and the Government of Aragón, among other Spanish public institutions in their bidding processes. PPROC is also the ontology recommended by AENOR (The Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification) in the UNE 178301 standard.

”TheyBuyForYou has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 780247.”


TheyBuyForYou has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 780247.”